American Trail Horses is family owned and
operated.  We specialize in well trained gaited trail
horses for trail and pleasure riding. We have several
high quality, well trained gaited horses for sale.  
Please take some time and get to know our horses
listed on the trail horses for sale page.

We specialize in gaited trail horses and are the
leading seller in the nation.  Some of the breeds that
we have to offer are Tennessee Walking Horses,
Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Natural Gaited
Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses and  
Rocky Mountain Horses.  We hand pick all of our
horses and choose them based on temperament,
natural gaiting ability, confirmation, intelligence
and beauty.  They are the finest in the country.

Whether you're looking for your first horse or
wanting to add a valued new gaited horse to your
family we'll spend the time helping your find the
perfect match

All of our horses have been exposed to country
trails, mountain riding and busy city traffic along
with high winds, plastic bags, dogs, deer, jack
rabbits, birds, motorcycles, ATV's...  We own all of
our horses.  They are 100% sound, drug free and
exactly what you see in the videos.  Most of our
horses have been ridden by children, families and
beginner riders.

Our goal is to match horse and rider for a lifetime of
enjoyment.  Come on out and meet us and our
horses.  You will be happy you did!

We are a military family owned business that has
several repeat customer because we build enduring
friendships with every family that owns our horses.

The Tennessee Walking Horse is a breed that is
known for their quiet and gentle disposition as well
as their smooth natural gaits.   Tennessee Walking
Horses have  calm, docile temperaments combined
with naturally smooth and easy gaits.  These
qualities have made this breed very popular.  
Tennessee Walking Horse are the “world’s greatest
show, trail, and pleasure horse””.  Many customers
look to Tennessee Walking Horses for a smooth ride
and a great trail horse.  The Tennessee Walking
Horse performs a flat walk, running walk and canter.
We love this breed for their wonderful disposition,
smooth gaits and excellence on the trail.

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The Spotted Saddle Horse

The Spotted Saddle Horse is a breed that is known
for having an easy, docile temperament combined
with a people pleasing personality. The Spotted
Saddle horse is a relatively new breed that has
become extremely popular due to their color,
versatility, good natured and their extremely
comfortable gait for  riding.
The required "Saddle Gait" of the Spotted Saddle
Horse includes the stepping pace, fox-trot,
single-foot,  flat walk, running walk, pace, rack or
combination of all gaits. The Spotted Saddle Horse
can also perform a canter.  

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The Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse

remarkable calm and good-natured disposition,
the ability to concisely maneuver in all types of
terrain, the overall intelligence of the horse
especially in intense
frightening situations, and the loyalty it shows to its
human counterpart.  The Natural Gaited Horse is a
friend; a true trail companion and can easily carry to
you to your destination.  The Natural Gaited Horse is
easy keeper and is glad to see you when you come
calling.  You can amble down the trail all day and
rack into the
show ring that evening.  Most importantly, the
Natural Gaited Horse is a horse for the entire family.  
The Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse gaits include the
flat walk, running walk, saddle gait, stepping pace,
fox-trot, rack or a combination of all the gaits,  They
also can perform a canter.  

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A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.
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