ABOUT US......

The premise of our business is to sell the best gaited horses in America.  We personally hand pick
every horse that we offer for sale and we own all of our horses.  We are not brokers .  We are very
particular about our horses as safety is our number one priority.  We do not work with problem horses
or horses with any behavioral issues.  We will not risk getting hurt or temporarily fixing a problem to
possibly have it recur in the future.  The best way to do this is to simply pick the best horses from the
start.  We specialize and are known for having non spooky, super smooth, trail savvy horses.  We are
the experts in exposing horses to all  the things you would want your trail horse to be experienced
dealing with.  All of our horses stay in KY or TN a few months to make sure that there are no behavioral
issues and to ensure that they will perform all necessary tasks on country trails such as crossing
water, bridges, going out in large groups, maneuvering skillfully down hills and that they are
comfortable riding in the woods.  After that we bring the horses to Las Vegas and expose them to busy
streets, traffic, mountain riding, dogs, plastic bags, high winds, solo riding...
We ride our horses in EXTREME situations.  There is no one who exposes their horses to as many
things as we do and has as high of standard in the horses they offer you for sale.  Here in Las Vegas
we ride the horses out alone.  Every ride we will encounter bicycles, joggers, busy traffic, landscapers
with leaf blowers, other horses, dogs jumping up at fences and birds flying out of trees.  That is just a
normal ride.  It is also common to encounter skate boarders, scooter, motorcycles and heavy
dangerous traffic.  If there is ever an issue with our horses behavior we simply send them back to our
farm in KY. We have a zero tolerance policy for any dangerous behaviors, vices and issues.  

Our horses are truly the best gaited horses available.  Qualities of the horses we offer are the followig:
A smooth natural 4 beat gait that requires little if nothing for the rider to enjoy, a calm temperament,
forgiving and kind disposition, sure footed movement in difficult terrain, willingness to learn and
patience in new surroundings, a non spooky solid mind, a people loving personality, excellent ground
manners and breed standard confirmation and of course a sound body.   For every horse we offer over
a hundred were turned down.  We are extremely selective in the horses that we offer our customers.

Our typical customers range in age from 45-70 years old.  Most of which are people who have ridden
early in their lives had successful careers or years of family upbringing and are now finally ready to
share their lives with a horse and enjoy trail riding.  All of our horses are chosen for this customer type.  
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we will strive to make you and your horse happy.  
If you have any issues simply calls us and we will help.  

We have sold over 400 horses and have an extremely high rate of customer satisfaction.  Please feel
free to read through our testimonials and read what past customers have to say about us.  Most of our
customers return and purchase two to three additional horses from us and usually their riding friends
buy one too.

We have sold horses all over the US, Mexico and Canada.  We work with several shippers and can help
you in making arrangements to have our horses shipped to you safely.

Honesty, safety and integrity are the cornerstones of our business.  
Our goal is to match you with a horse that will give the pleasure of horse ownership and years of
A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.


Requires 20% down and will hold the horse of your choice for 5 days.  
The amount is non refundable but is transferable.  
The amount is applicable to the purchase price of said horse.
We will not accept a hold if another customer is booked to travel to visit with us within the next 48 hours.

All horses have been examined by veterinarians prior to their arrival at our ranch.  
You are welcome you to have the vet of your choice* examine any of our horses (at buyers cost).

At a point of disclosure and to avoid a conflict of interest
*Desert Pines Equine Clinic*