A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.
Name: Blake
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Age: 8
Height: 15.2 h
Color: Black Tobiano
Gender: Gelding
Price: $7200
Blake is a sharp looking black tobiano gelding with lots of class!  Blake is a looker!  He has a black shiny coat with just the right amount of white markings. He has
a thick black and white mane with a long mixed tail to go with it.  He has a beautiful face and delicate ears that  frame his face.  He is a  beautiful horse to look at
and a great horse to ride!  He has a wonderful personality and is very smooth to ride and set in his gait.  He has a nice and slow walk, a head shaking flat walk and
a super smooth saddle gait which he can perform slow or fast. He is very light in the bit! He is wonderful to ride in any environment!  He likes to please his rider.  
He will do what he is asked the first time you ask him.  Blake stands to mount, walks out on a loose rein, gaits on a loose rein,  listens to leg and verbal cues, backs
up, neck reins, goes out great alone and is great in a group.  He loads and unloads easily and trailers like a pro.  There isn't much this horse won't do. He will even
let you pony him with a golf cart (see video). He is easy to catch, halter, lead, groom, bathe, tack up, worm, gets along great with other horses... He has been a trail
horse his entire life and shines when he is out exploring trails.  Blake will cross water, climb steep hills and carefully maneuver his way down.  He is very sure
footed and does not miss a step. He leads, follows, stays behind  and is great to ride day or night on the trail.  He is a wonderful companion on the trail and is fun
to ride in the arena too.  Blake has been exposed to traffic, bikes, dogs, plastic bags, deer, turkeys, cows, farm animals,  ATV's...  He has a sensible mind and a
willing attitude. Blake is a horse that advanced beginners on up will truly enjoy on the trail and everywhere.