A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.
Name: Blackjack
Breed: Spotted Saddle Horse
Age: 5
Height: 15.1 h
Color: Black Tobiano
Gender: Gelding
Price: $6900
Blackjack is a gentle, smooth gaiting  black tobiano gelding!  He has a
beautiful face, a gorgeous black and white coat, a long mixed mane and  
a thick black tail.  He has a great build, good confirmation with a friendly
personality.  He is very striking to look at and flashy when he moves.  
Blackjack is very gentle, smooth to ride and suitable for just about
anyone to ride.  He is a great horse!  He is not spooky acting and is a
great confidence building horse.  He is easy to handle on the ground
with great manners.  When you saddle him up he knows his job and
takes very good care of his rider. Blackjack loves to be out on the trail.  
He is excellent in the woods and will skillfully climb hills then carefully
maneuver his way down steep rocky declines.  He is happy to go out
and explore!  He is also very sure footed.  Blackjack has a great mind
and a forgiving personality.  He will stand patient to groom, bathe, clip,
pick his feet, worm... . He loves to be sprayed with the hose and take a
drink while he is at it.  He has been exposed to traffic, dogs, bikes,
motorcycles, schools getting out, skate boards, construction vehicles,
deer, turkeys, cows, birds, wildlife, crossing water, bridges.  He is not
spooky in any way shape or form.   Blackjack stands patient to
mount/dismount, walks out on a loose rein, gaits on a loose rein, and will
walk all day if you would like.  He is a steady, solid minded trail mount
that you will enjoy for years and years!  He has a great mind, nice
disposition and he is super on the trails and in traffic!  
Beginners rider on up will enjoy this horse.