A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.
Name: Extra's Charlie
Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse
Age: 11
Height: 15 h
Color: Chestnut
Gender: Gelding
Price: $7800
Charlie is a sweet and loving gentle horse!  He is a beauty that  has it all. Looks, personality, gait, style and the right attitude.  He is a lovely horse in every way.  
Charlie has a beautiful chestnut coat that shimmers in the summer sun! He also has a long beautiful mane and tail.  He has a pretty head and  kind eyes. He is a
lifetime horse with everything going for him.  Charlie is a sweetheart to be around and is very fun to ride.  He is  well trained,  easy to ride, smooth as glass in the
saddle and a gentleman in every way.  Charlie is very easy to handle on the ground. He will let you do just about anything to him and will stand there quieter than a
mouse.  He is great to groom, bathe, clip, worm, lead, tack up, catch, load/unlaod, trailer... There isn't anything we've found that he will not do.  Charlie is a  
wonderful horse to ride.  He has an incredibly willing attitude and will do whatever you ask with the slightest request. He will give you his all! Charlie stands to
mount/dismount, listens patiently to his riders cues, stops with a "whoa", moves out with a squeeze of your legs, backs up, goes out alone is great with a group
and gaits masterfully.  He has a super nice long reaching stride that will have you wanting to gait and gait and gait.  Charlie has a smooth 4 beat flat walk and
running walk  that he can perform slow or fast.   Charlie gets along great with other horses, goes out well alone or in a group and is not spooky acting at all.  He is
solid, reliable and also very nice to be around. He is very friendly and enjoys people.  Charlie will come to you in his stall or pasture.   He is a horse for anyone who
knows the very basics of riding to enjoy.  Charlie is beautiful, calm, well trained, very smooth to ride and great on the trail.  Beginner riders on up will love riding
and being around Charlie!  He is a great horse!