A percentage of each horse sale is donated to The Wounded Warriors Project.
Name: Cisco
Breed: Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse
Age: 5
Height: 14.2h
Color: Sorrel Tobiano
Gender: Gelding
Price: $5900

Cisco is a super cute sorrel tobiano gelding with super smooth gaits!  He
has super cute  looks, a puppy dog personality and a wonderfully
smooth gait to go with it all.  He is very flashy with his fiery red  coat and
flashy white stockings.  He has a nice head, a mixed mane/ tail and
excellent conformation.  Cisco has a beautiful sculpted  head and kind
dark eyes.  He loves people and is one of the easiest horses to handle.  
Cisco's  ground manners are flawless and he is extremely calm and
trusting.  He will stand quiet to cross tie, at the hitching post, for the
farrier,  to groom, bathe, clip, saddle, bridle, worm, pet on and love.  
Cisco always greets you at his stall and loves people.  He is just an all
around nice guy.   Cisco is well behaved and easy to ride.   He listens to
leg and verbal cues, neck reins, direct reins and is happy to just walk
along if you like but will gait you ask him to.  Cisco gaits smoothly and
naturally at all speeds.  He is very, very smooth and can gait at various
speeds (all of them are excellent).  He is very sure footed and picks up
his feet really nice when he gaits.  Cisco is not a spooky horse at all.  He
will go out alone or in a group.  He has been exposed to traffic (*see
video*), dogs, plastic bags,  wildlife, ATV's, bicycles, children at play,
construction vehicles...  He will crossing water, climbing steep hills,
carefully  maneuver his way down hill and go wherever you want to go.  
He has a great mind and is confident to explore new places alone.  Cisco
has smooth gaits and is level headed.  He is an great horse for those
who know the basics of riding to enjoy.  Adult beginners on up will love
this adorable, super smooth gaiting horse!